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Travel Blogger Tips To Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging

Travel Blogging

Travel Blogger Tips To Travel Blogging

There are many things I wish I knew about travel blogging before I started. I knew a lot about blogging, but not so much about blogging within the travel niche. Here are nine simple tips I think you need to know about being a travel blogger before you start.

The tech stuff you can  work out, the mindset obstacles are a little harder to gain victory over.

1. Take lots of photos whilst travelling

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Don’t just be a tourist photographer. Look for unusual photo opportunities and for simple photos like signs, transport, someone carrying a backpack or eating food. All of these photos can be used to fill all manner of posts.

After recently writing our budget travel in Africa post, I was kicking myself for not taking photos of food and transport options while we were travelling in Africa. I so needed them to highlight what I was talking about in my post aboutgetting around Africa.

Solution: Always have your eyes open for unusual shots. Think about the type of blog posts you might be writing and make a list of photos that would work well with them.

Make an effort to find these shots. Read our tips on how to improve your travel photography and tips for photographing people.

2. Be Vigilant with your Note Taking and Journal Writing when Travelling

Hindsight is such a wonderful thing. If I had it as foresight, I would have been more vigilant travel bloggerwith my journal writing while I was travelling the world.

I often would go days at a time without recording anything, and then I would feel lazy and think what is the point anyway?

Now I struggle to recall details from some of my most amazing travel stories. For those adventures I do have a journal account of, they have helped me tremendously in recreating the story for our travel blog.

Solution: Carry a notebook and pencil around with you every where. Record details of every place you visit, stay at and transport you take. Keep receipts in your book so you have a record of costs.

Record contact details of any person you meet and may wish to quote or write about. Take every spare opportunity to write especially in down moments on trains and buses.

3. Get your Permalink Structure right

This is one of my biggest regrets and my only technical must-be-aware of advice. I set up my permalink structure as category/postname, not really thinking about the fact that I would have quite a complex category structure for my blog.

What this means is that my URL’s are extremely long. But worse, I now have limited control over my categories. I can’t move them around as my blog evolves as it will change my URL’s of already published posts. This really sucks.

Solution: Although this category permalink structure has SEO benefits, I think you are far better to go for a date/post name structure instead.

Having a neatly set out category structure (that you can change if need be) is best for your readers so they may quickly find what they are looking for.

NB: I have now changed my permalink structure and we lost all of our social proof on our articles form the past year. Boo hoo. At least now it is set up for the next X years.

4. Travel Blogging is going to Consume a Lot of your Time

Travel blogging is not easy. It is going to take up a lot of your time, and I mean every spare minute.

While I could go on and on here about manyprinciples of success, I’ll cut it short by basically saying, don’t even think about travel blogging if you aren’t passionate and prepared to spend many hours of the day and night committed to working this in order to rise to the top.

It doesn’t matter what your field or industry, it will always be 20% of the people that will have 80% of the success. It is called the Pareto Principle. Why is this so? Because those that fall in the 20% are prepared to do what the remaining 80%  aren’t.

Which side are you going to fall on? Decide and then commit.

I am still amazed by the amount of travel bloggerswho say they aren’t in it for the money and accuse those who are of being dishonest and sell outs. Unless you are just keeping a record of your travel experiences for your family and friends, then you have chosen a hobby that will consume your life.

Why would you put in all the time and effort that is required to make it work if you don’t want to be rewarded from it?

Don’t you think you deserve it? Or maybe you think you can’t do it?

We intend to make money from this travel blog. At the same time, we do this because it is our passion and we want to inspire others. If we don’t make any money from this then we have to quit, and then I stop helping others.

As all successful entrepreneurs know “The more money I have, the more I can do to help myself and to help others.”

Solution: Blog about your passion, love what you do. If you don’t then you will find the time commitment a struggle. Believe that you deserve to be rewarded for your time and effort, and for the value you bring to others.

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