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What Is A Traveling Blogger?

Traveling BloggerIf your reading this you’re probably wondering what is a traveling blogger and how can you become one? Very simply put a traveling blogger is someone that has the freedom to travel the world, write about their adventures and make money in the process. Sounds great right?

Hell yeah, it does!

What Is A Traveling Blogger

Believe it or not traveling bloggers are in very high demand. However, most people will tell you that becoming a traveling blogger is complicated and hard work. And if you don’t know what your doing, then yes it is. On the other hand with marketing training and an already built Viral Blogging Platform that I have here in Empower Network all that worry is taken out of the equation. So all you have to do is have adventures, then share them with the world and the viral blogging platform will do all the money making for you!

I do want to point out, you will also read that blogging has become a very competitive field and to a degree that is also correct again. Even though blogging has become the prominent way to market online with any business, you have little to worry about in terms of not making money blogging. There are far to many niches/genres/categories to worry about saturation. What I always recommend for my new trainees is to pick a topic they enjoy. There is no easier way to make money blogging about something, then blogging about something you love! For me… that’s traveling!

So even if a ton of people became traveling bloggers… everyone has different ways of relaying their adventures to the world! And once again, with the marketing training and tools we provide for you here at Empower Network… you will top them all!

The top earner in Empower Network Vick Strizheus taught me this,

“I would rather have a ton of competition then no competition. Because having competition means I can make money doing what I want and all I have to do is position myself above that competition to make money at it.”

That is what we will help you do, find the audience that you want to speak to… then help you position yourself above your competition to create a large residual income out of thin air. All the while enabling you to do what you love most! 🙂

Destini Ingoldsby | Warrior Woman

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